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Filing for bankruptcy is like getting a tattoo. If you’re going to do it, hire the best. Over 150 5-star reviews, call Todd Stoneman in Longmont to ensure that your bankruptcy is done right and at a fair price. A fresh start working with a lawyer you’ll actually like. My promise to you.


I’ve lived several lives and worn many hats; one of them, for quite some time, was in the mortgage and real estate business. I’ve originated numerous loans, bought and sold several homes, and managed investment properties for myself and others. If you are considering a FSBO (for-sale-by-owner), whether as a buyer or seller, or you need help with an eviction or other tenancy matter, as a landlord or tenant, I am a good resource.


If you are asked to sign a contract, or you need one drafted, it is a good idea to have help. In both my practice and life, I’ve encountered a wide variety of agreements. I’ve been on both sides of matters and know what to look for. Too often, folks end up in my office after they’ve already entered into a bad deal. For a modest cost upfront, save yourself from what can become immense expense and hassle.


We’ve all made mistakes, and with a little help from our friends, family, and counsel, things ultimately turn for the better. As I’ve said, I will never, ever judge you. It is particularly important to have someone advocating for you at that temporary moment in time when it seems like the world is against you. I enjoy being this person – you can rely and confide in me.

“Todd is not only extremely knowledgeable, but the most personable Attorney I have ever met. He takes the “Scary” out of it. I could not have asked for a better experience!”

– Dale H

“Hands down, the best lawyer I’ve met! Todd changed my opinion on lawyers in general and made my bankruptcy the most stress free, easiest thing I have ever had to do.”

– Christopher C

“I called his office expecting to leave a voicemail as I had already left 3 voicemails with other prospective attorneys. Mr. Stoneman answered the phone. I was amazed!”

– Laurie

“Todd was a breath of fresh air and gave us restored hope that we could get out from under this crushing feeling of debt, and he delivered … thanks, Todd!”

– Anonymous

“Hola! primero quiero agradecer a Todd N. Stoneman por todo su apoyo y su dedicacion, gracias a que decidio tomar mi caso de y con gran caracter moral logro lo que parecia imposible.”

– Dazel H

“I was so impressed by Todd not only for his knowledge and professional expertise, but he made me feel as though we had always been friends.”

– Catherine W

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I promise that after we speak you’ll wonder what took you so long to call …

I’ve been very fortunate to have lived a life full of rich experiences. I’ve been through a lot and turned out pretty well (at least this is what my wife, mom, and therapist tell me).

The way I operate my practice is that if I believe I can assist you – with the deserved level of competence required – I will, and if not, I have a short list of other like-minded attorneys I am comfortable referring good folks to.

Since first deciding to pursue a career in law, I wanted to do it my way, as a solo practitioner. Giving back or paying it forward – however you choose to frame it – my philosophy boils down to the idea that when the need arises, everyone deserves access to an attorney. Furthermore, such aid shouldn’t be cost prohibitive.

Unlike most attorneys, who hide the ball or leverage their knowledge, I’m committed to sharing what I know, and in turn, empowering my clients. Together, we will overcome whatever obstacle you are facing. Keep in mind that what seems insurmountable today, becomes a stepping stone for tomorrow. Whatever it is that stresses you, I’m here to help you relearn that it is truly only temporary.

Finally, you can definitely count on me for a laugh along the way. The importance in working with a good-humored lawyer should not go understated.

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